October 11, 2017

Trudder Lodge Wedding – Cathy and Bairn

Hugs. Actually, hugs and essential oils. That’s my prevailing memory of Cathy and Bairns day from their wedding back in summer. Hugs for me, hugs for you, hugs for everybody. Same goes for essential oils. I’ve never shot a wedding in such a calm state in all my life. I should get a bottle of whatever that was that Cathy put on my wrists and keep it in the car.

Cathy is a yoga instructor and so mindfulness played a big part in her day. Let me tell you, more people need to follow Cathy’s lead. Before everyone left the house (by the way, that old cottage you see below, dates back hundreds of years and is where Cathy grew up. How amazing is that!) everyone formed a circle and Cathy asked everyone to put their arm around the person next to them, close their eyes and to just take a breath. Take in the moment and be thankful. Without invitation, the dog came and cat in the circle and with his stick seemed to agree with everything that was said. It was a beautiful moment and I have to say, I really think all of us could do with more of that – especially on a wedding day.

After a little trip to a big old barn that had such good light I could resist it everyone headed off to Trudder Lodge for a beautiful outdoor ceremony under a big old tree. Music from family and close friends made everything perfect and Cathy and Bairn couldn’t hide their happiness as they smiled, giggle and laughed their way through the ceremony.

It was shortly after this the hugs started. Big bear hugs. Hugs that last. The kind of hugs you see in the movies when people are saying goodbye to each other on train platforms. Only these were hugs to say “Thank you so much for coming to my wedding, we’re going to have the most amazing day and it’s so good that you’re here to be part of it! You are awesome! Now go and get yourself a drink!”. Now that’s a hug.

I could go on to tell you about all of the other in’s and out’s of the day but I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. However, I will say, you see that shot of the ball coming toward the camera at full pelt – well, yes, it did hit me, it did knock the camera right out of my hands and into my face but I’m glad to say that both camera and face are okay. I’ve always looked this way.




Shemaia Skywater

Utterly delightful , delicious and heartwarming !( the food looked amazing) Faces of pure joy! What a gorgeous couple you are and your love so apparent! ( love the picture of you both in front of those prehistorically large plants with giant leaves!) May you go forth from here inHappiness, good health and with decades of building a beautiful life together !! Much Love! ❤️

07:45 October 12, 2017


    Thank you so much Shemaia.

    19:16 November 30, 2017

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