February 18, 2015

Niamh and Anthony at Trudder Lodge

I’m delighted to share with you this wedding of Niamh and Anthony. What can I tell you about these two people that these images won’t. Well, let me just confirm what you will see. Niamh is a sweetheart. All she does is laugh and smile – sure, there were little anxious moments here and there but through it all Niamh loves to laugh and a great laugh it is. Anthony is I guess what you would call a strong strapping fella. He’s a doer. Get’s things done. But I tell you, the guys has a true heart of gold. Ladies – when you go though this post, be prepared for your heart to melt because you’ll see the love this guy has for Niamh and you can’t not be moved by it.
This wedding day was pretty much all centred around Trudder Lodge – one of Ireland’s most beautiful and successful Country House wedding venues.  Today though, it’s even more special, to Niamh more than anyone because this is where she grew up. It’s her family home and she runs this beautiful home with her mother (along with a lot of other great people including Anthony) and has made this place a real success. So when Niamh told me that she wanted me shoot this wedding I was deeply honoured as I’m sure she could have had her pick of wedding photographers that she’s seen over the years. Niamh and her family would all be getting ready in Trudder Lodge while Anthony would be getting ready in The Gate Lodge which is just at the entrance. Wait until you see it. It’s like something from a fairtale – if I told you it was made from gingerbread you’d probably believe me. It’s not..  but you’ll see what I mean.
This was all shot just before Christmas so Niamh and Anthony wanted to have a first look before the ceremony. This would be a first look with a difference though because Niamh was able to see Tony but Tony wasn’t able to see Niamh. It took a little bit of planning but we made it work and it was truly amazing. As Niamh approached Anthony and he could hear her voice that was it – the emotions came through. And why shouldn’t it? This is what weddings are about, or at least should be. There should be emotion – this is a big day and the start of something even bigger and I could tell that Niamh and Anthony fully appreciated that and this meant the world to them both.
Needless to say the rest of the day was incredible but I’m going to skip to something which didn’t just blow me away but everyone at the wedding. Let me just set it up a little – Tony is not a show-off, if anything I’d say he’s pretty quiet (I could well be wrong here but I don’t think so) but at the end of his speech he said “As everyone knows, in Niamh’s family you have to have a party piece – so……..” and with that his friend pulled out a guitar and Tony put the mic in the stand…. Niamh face was brilliant! Pure shock. And Tony began to sing Ed Sheeran’s Evergreen. Okay, it might not have been the kind of performance that would put him through to the next round on Xfactor but you know what, that didn’t matter, it was the fact that he had the guts and gave it absolutely everything and every single person in that room clapped along, sang along, people were on their feet and most of all Niamh was the proudest woman in that room. It was pure awesome. So Niamh and Anthony, thank you guys so much for having me there. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world and I hope you enjoy this recap of what was one cracking wedding day.

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Wow wow wow the photos bring it all back. Dave...Thank you so much for catching every little moment and making it all look so fabulous! An amazing day caught by an incredible photographer x

12:24 February 18, 2015

Ian Weldon

Mate, this is just fabulous!

12:37 February 18, 2015


Lovely shots Dave. Inspiration as always. The silhouette with the orange clouds is just lush. Beautiful work.

14:09 February 18, 2015


Superb Dave... Awesome couple Awesome venue Awesome shots!! Great job!

21:26 February 18, 2015

Anthony Cooper

I'm a great singer, just saying

08:06 February 19, 2015

David Olsthoorn

Dude!! Your work just blows me away! Epic!

13:15 February 24, 2015


Love this first look. Top class mate

12:00 March 23, 2015


wow, fantastic pics, very emotional pictures... what a stunning bride, she looked so happy!!! (i feel like I just gatecrashed their big day!)

19:45 March 29, 2015

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