October 27, 2014

Catherine and John at Village at Lyons

It’s my pleasure to bring you this really small and intimate wedding of the Catherine and John. An american couple who, having never been to Ireland thought that it would be the perfect place to get married with just their closest friends and family. How right they were – it really was perfect.
There was an emotional start to the day between Catherine and her mum but once the tears had dried and the hugs were dealt there was nothing but smiles and laughter for the rest of the day. It was such a fun day to photograph and a little different as Catherine and John hung out for most of the morning together, after which they also had a first look (which only upon editing I’ve realised I’ve shot all wrong – seems that most people get the groom to wait for the bride but I flipped that on it’s head! ha!) and then we went and took all of the portraits before the ceremony which was wonderful as we had so much time to play with and never had to worry about getting back to the party as it hadn’t even started! More of that please!
Catherine and John were blessed with incredible weather which only got better and better and it all added to the wonderful setting at Village at Lyons where everything for the entire day took place – actually that’s not true, a pub was chosen nearby for late night drinks – these American’s didn’t want the night to end and rightly so!
A massive thanks to Catherine and John for having me there on their day and letting me witness such a special and intimate celebration. It was my pleasure.

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